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Luis Married in 10 Weeks After He Started Praying


Hassan Q Married in 4 Weeks Using The Mahdi Method


AbdurRahman used The Mahdi Method to Break His Crippling Low Self-Esteem


Dr. Mohammed blown away by the support of Mahdi and the Brotherhood


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My name is Mahdi Tidjani, I first got married at 16, and had 5 beautiful children before marrying a 2nd wife at the age of 25. Fast forward to today and I have 8 children and multiple wives, all praise is due to Allah.

I have made lots of money, I have lost lots of money – I have been bottom of the barrel dead BROKE. I have lost a child to sudden infancy death, I have been through divorce and I have been through parental estrangement; but the one thing that has always remained a steady constant in my life regardless of whether I have had money or not, regardless of whether I have had trouble in my personal and professional life or not – is loving, respectful, submissive, feminine, friendly wives.

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